2017-2018 Church Leaders

Church Board

Stewards:  Kelly Collison, Virginia Cruse, Nellie Kluge
Trustees: Terrance Braxton, Andy Collison, William Cruse, Bruce Gladfelter
NMI President (Missions):  Cheryl Crane
Mission Advance Conference (June 7-9, 2017, Raleigh 1st) Delegates: Andy Collison, Kelly Collison, Pastor Bill Crane (Alternates: Nellie Kluge, Bob Newton)


President:  Cheryl Crane
Council:  Kelly Collison, Joyce Crawford, William Cruse, Nellie Kluge


Youth Council:  Isaiah Braxton, Andrea Collison, Melissa Collison
Delegate to NYI Convention (May 20, 2016; Elon, NC):  Pastor Bill Crane

Sunday School

SS Ministries Board:   Cheryl Crane, Virginia Cruse, Joyce Crawford, Nellie Kluge, Bob Newton


Rev. Bill R. Crane

Associate Pastor

Rev. Anthony Collison

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